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Tal Keinan, CEO of KCPS Clarity, spoke with the TLV1 radio station about Israel's need to diversify its export industry and the economic price of regional isolation.
Tal Keinan, CEO of Clarity Capital, identifies on i24 NewsTV low-cost opportunities for investors amid the decline of the Swiss Franc, European bond yields and the Chinese stock market. 
The Marker sat down with six of the senior partners of Clarity Capital, discussing the firm's past, future and outlook on today's market enviroment.
Laurence Schreiber, Co-President of Clarity Capital, opens the door to the debates in Davos about the new European Quantitative Easing (QE) program and the dramatic rise in valuation of the Swiss Franc.  
Why are Wall Street firms, Chinese corporations and Arab princes buying up farmlands around the world? Sam Chester, Analyst at KCPS Clarity, explains the cost/benefits involved in what has been called a twenty-first century 'Land Grab.'