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In this edition of our quarterly newsletter, we assess the impact of favorable financial conditions on asset classes and Michael Steinhardt, Chair of the KCPS Clarity Advisory Board, lays out the essential principles every investor needs to know.
Laurence Schreiber, Co-President of Clarity Capital, explains on i24news why global financial markets were unaffected by the hostilities in Gaza.  
In an article in The Marker about the growing number of international employees in Israel firms, Tal Keinan, CEO of KCPS Clarity, discusses the firm's success in attracting a highly qualified investment team with extensive global experience.     
Tal Keinan, CEO at KCPS Clarity, explains on i24news TV why a nuclear Iran's greatest threat is to world energy markets.
Tal Keinan, KCPS Clarity CEO, explains in an interview with BizPortal the key challenges facing the Israeli economy and identifies some of the most promising global investment opportunities in the second half of 2014.