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Laurence Schreiber, Co-President of Clarity Capital, opens the door to the debates in Davos about the new European Quantitative Easing (QE) program and the dramatic rise in valuation of the Swiss Franc.  
Eran Peleg, Chief Investment Officer at KCPS Clarity, speaks with i24-TV about the major economic stories in 2014, from the drop in oil prices, to the emerging recession in Russia, plus a forecast on what to expect from the Israeli economy in 2015.
The Marker sat down with six of the senior partners of KCPS Clarity, discussing the firm's past, future and outlook on today's market enviroment.
Giordana Mosseri, Managing Director of Hedge Funds Advisory at Clarity Capital, discusses how the Hedge Fund industry is positioned for the new year after a turbulent 2014.  
With Saudi Arabia dictating a historic decline in the global price of oil, does the death of the Saudi king after nineteen years in power portend further turmoil in oil markets and the Arab Gulf? Sam Chester, Analyst at KCPS Clarity, explains the consequences on i24 TV.