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Tal Keinan, CEO of KCPS Clarity, sat down for a wide ranging interview with the TLV1 radio station, discussing his personal history, the economic implications of peace in the Middle East, and KCPS Clarity's leading role in developing Israel's export of financial services.
Tal Keinan, CEO of KCPS Clarity, spoke to the Jerusalem Post about the positive economic implications for Israel and the region that could emerge as a result of a Israeli-Palestinian peace deal. "Israel could tranform from an island economy to a regional exporter," Keinan explains.
Michael Steinhardt, a member of the KCPS Clarity advisory board, is featured in a cover story by Forbes. 
In this quarter's edition, we assess how equity markets will fare in 2014.
Eran Peleg, Chief Investment Officer of KCPS Clarity, wrote an article for Globes newspaper that explains what a conservative investment strategy means in light of the recent upheaval in the bond market.