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In this edition of our quarterly newsletter, we look back at the three major surprises in global markets in 2014 and identify what investors can expect from commodities and other asset classes in the coming year.
Ben Maimon, Managing Director of Clarity Capital, explains on i24-TV the impact on investors of the HSBC breach and leak of private accounts. 
Tal Keinan, CEO of KCPS Clarity, spoke with the TLV1 radio station about Israel's need to diversify its export industry and the economic price of regional isolation.
The Marker sat down with six of the senior partners of KCPS Clarity, discussing the firm's past, future and outlook on today's market enviroment.
Laurence Schreiber, Co-President of Clarity Capital, opens the door to the debates in Davos about the new European Quantitative Easing (QE) program and the dramatic rise in valuation of the Swiss Franc.