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Private Wealth Management

Protecting And Maximizing Your Assets

Our Mission and Strategy

Clarity protects client assets for current and future generations and maximizes long-term portfolio performance in accordance with client investment horizon, risk tolerance, liquidity requirements, income needs and tax circumstances. 

Clarity advises on the overall wealth of the client and manages customized portfolios. Clarity's offering includes consolidation of assets, asset allocation, manager and asset selection and monitoring, evaluation of direct investment opportunities, and management of relationships with external manager and banking institutions. 

Experience shows that active, professional, and independent wealth management can result in dramatic differences in family wealth over time.

Our Investment Approach

Combining Efficient Exposure to Public Markets with the Unique Advantages of
Alternative/Private Investments

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Diversified Public Market Exposure

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Alternative - Private Investments

Investment Approach

Portfolio Features: Tailored To You 

Global Compatibility

US Onshore and Offshore Client Accommodation

Tax Treatment

Focus on Client Tax Considerations and After-Tax Portfolio Returns

Personal Values

Option for Socially-Responsible Investing Portfolio Approach



Tailored to Client Life Circumstances, Income Requirements and Risk Tolerance


Regulatory Supervision

Highly Regulated Across Borders

Clarity Capital KCPS Ltd., a Wealth Management subsidiary of KCPS Clarity Capital Group Ltd. (all Clarity entities herein will be defined as "Clarity"), is an Israeli portfolio manager licensed by the Israel Securities Authority to manage and market investments, and is also authorized to engage in investment marketing. Clarity Capital KCPS Ltd. is a registered Investment Advisor with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and is also licensed as an International Adviser by the Canadian Autorité des Marchés Financiers of Québec (AMF) and the Canadian Ontario Securities Commission (OSC). 


Discuss Private Wealth Management With A Relationship Manager

Family Office Administrative Services

Clarity Capital has always been focused on providing the highest caliber of investment management for our clients. By collaborating with a group of highly experienced family office professionals, our clients can now enjoy a full array of services consolidated under one umbrella.

A dedicated account leader works closely with each client to develop a comprehensive family office plan customized to the family’s unique needs.

Family Office Services
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